Meet McCuin

  God and the Devil, Sin and Salvation, Temptation and Virtue. The banks of the rivers in Arkansas are awash with tales of good and evil, of making the choices that lead to the paths of darkness and light. That tradition lives on in McCuin.

  The McCuin sound brings forth images of the region, as a swampy undercurrent permeates their music. Like a bastard child born at night on some dark stretch of 2 lane Arkansas highway, the result of some deal between good and bad.

   A jackhammer rhythm section by Angie Crow and Jay White and torrents of thick guitar riffs by Chris Moran and Dale Qualls establish a formidable backdrop for the vocals of Greg McCuin, and the harmony vocals is capable of summoning both heaven and hell.

  McCuin’s lyrics are not afraid to deal with spiritual issues. They are unafraid to face the demons, question sin and temptation, and deal with the darker side of life. Greg’s emotional vocals perfectly compliment the musical fury and pounding, hard edge grooves that place McCuin at the forefront of hard rock’s new school.

   McCuin has played shows all across the mid south to the west coast and back again, creating friends, fans and supporters by stopping people dead in their tracks, drawn by the bands hypnotic, pulverizing opening chords and stage presence, leaving completely converted audiences at every show they play.  

  “From Burning Bridges to Moments of Clarity, battling blame with personal Monsters that lead to a Statue of redemption, relationships that cause us to Bleed, you can bet your ass that even down to our Last Breath... We Won't Be Forgetting You!!!,” says singer Greg McCuin.

McCuin is accepting sponsorship for it's upcoming U.S. tour, please contact Ed LaCerra at, 501-570-6252.

Brought all the energy tonight onstage... terrific performance”

— Terry Stewart, CEO of El Dorado Festivals & Events, and former CEO and president of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland, Ohio.